Waters of Joy – Rivers, Springs and Waterfalls in the Holy Land

Waters of Joy – Rivers, Springs and Waterfalls of the Holy Land

As our rainy season begins in Israel, I offer the following as, perhaps, hopefully, a “small repair of the overall dissonance,” as author David Grossman recently described the art of writing.

Artist Riki Rothenberg’s wonderful rendering of Miriam the prophetess, dancing with the women near her miraculous well. Courtesy Riki Rothenberg.

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Ahōti – A Story of Tamar

Ravaged by one brother, silenced and betrayed by another and redeemed by a third, Tamar—once beloved daughter of the king of Israel, and healer of the court—suddenly finds herself in exile, fleeing for her life. But in Ahōti, Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and her co-author Eva Marie Everson take Tamar’s story to new heights – with their adaptation of an ancient anonymous manuscript: the heroine’s dangerous journey and tenacious pursuit of her true identity and calling bring her full circle, to her rightful place in the kingdom.