Betrayed by one brother

                     Redeemed by another

This is the story of the king’s daughter

and of the strength she found between the two

This is the story of ahōti

”Discover the hidden lives of biblical women In their stories, you’ll find your own”

– Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

“As an author of biblical fiction, I know the amount of research and work that goes into crafting a story like this. Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson comprise the perfect team.”

Jerry B. JenkinsThe Chosen series

“Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson create a gripping story of Tamar, King David’s daughter. Today’s readers will relate to the loneliness and shame Tamar experiences at the hands because of the actions and inactions of her father, brother, and half-brother. At the same time, they’ll appreciate the support the women in the story give to Tamar. Their concern makes possible the gift of transformation Tamar experiences as the story ends.”

Joan E. CookS.C., Ph.D., author of Hannah’s Desire, God’s Design: Early Interpretations of the Story of Hannah and articles about biblical women as teachers for today.

“I was privileged to have the opportunity to discover, annotate, and publish the ancient text Words of Gad the Seer. Now I feel even more privileged, when Ms. Feinberg Vamosh and Mrs. Everson share part of the book with the whole world. This story of Tamar is for women by nature, and it is almost unbelievable that it was told thousands of years ago.”

Prof. Meir Bar-IlanProfessor Emeritus, former chair, Talmud Department, Bar-Ilan University, Israel; author, among many other works, of Words of Gad the Seer, Some Jewish Women in Antiquity

“Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson relate the tragedy of King David’s daughter Tamar, filling in the details from the historical reality of ancient Israel. This is a story of one whose faith in the God of Israel overcomes the epic failures of those who also serve her God, but whose humanness inevitably tarnishes His Name. The result is an uplifting account of a woman who could have allowed her circumstances to make her a perpetual victim, but who chooses to become mistress of her own destiny.”

Albert J. McCarncreator of The Barking Fox and Executive Director of B’ney Yosef North America

“In a compelling melding of Jewish history, folklore, and biblical truth, the tragic story of King David’s daughter, Tamar, leaps off the page and shouts a redemptive cry for every woman silenced by her circumstance. The authors have successfully related Tamar’s tragic tale without villainizing David or the ancient culture in which he ruled by presenting a strong woman’s response to a lifetime of adversity. Today’s reader will find an example of hard-won redemption for the past and hope for an unexpectedly hopeful future.”

Mesu Andrewsbest-selling author of In Feast or Famine

“Fans of biblical historical fiction will fall in love with Vamosh and Everson’s Ahoti. This story is filled with heartache and healing in a beautifully crafted tale of pain, loss, and redemption… Tamar finds herself on a journey she never knew was waiting for her. Vamosh and Everson grant offer readers not only a well-crafted story that ultimately results in a new name, but also a woven tapestry of God’s redemption they can wrap around their personal struggles.”

Jenifer Jenningsauthor of Biblical Historical Fiction


Miriam was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and has lived in Israel since 1970. Her love affair with the Bible and ancient sources led to her series of books on daily life in Bible times, her first historical novel The Scroll, her newest novel AhotiThe Story of Tamar, with co-author Eva Marie Everson, and hundreds of articles. That love grew over many years as a tour educator. Miriam’s interest in the New Testament began with the respect that she learned for people of all faiths and cultures from her parents and her older brother and sister. Her writing, and her translating and editing of scholarly research on biblical antiquity on the one hand, and her 20 years as a translator on the news desk of the cutting-edge Israeli daily Haaretz, on the other, come together in a complex whole that, for Miriam, has made life in Israel a never-ending search for meaning, ever more so in troubled times.


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