Miriam was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and has lived in Israel since 1970. Her love affair with the Bible and ancient sources led to her series of books on daily life in Bible times, her first historical novel The Scroll, her newest novel AhotiThe Story of Tamar, with co-author Eva Marie Everson, and hundreds of articles. That love grew over many years as a tour educator. Miriam’s interest in the New Testament began with the respect that she learned for people of all faiths and cultures from her parents and her older brother and sister. Her writing, and her translating and editing of scholarly research on biblical antiquity on the one hand, and her 20 years as a translator on the news desk of the cutting-edge Israeli daily Haaretz, on the other, come together in a complex whole that, for Miriam, has made life in Israel a never-ending search for meaning, ever more so in troubled times.

Miriam’s husband, Aaron, was her life partner for 43 years of joyous adventures and challenges. Aaron, who was confined to a wheelchair for 50 years after his injury in the Yom Kippur War, passed away on Israeli Independence Day, April 26, 2023. His spirit flew high all through the years, and he was, and still is, Miriam’s greatest inspiration, she says. Miriam is the mother of two wonderful daughters and sons-in-law and grandmother of five. She lives in Har Adar northwest of Jerusalem, in a “biblical triangle” that includes Kiriath Jearim, Chephirah (Josh. 9:17) and Emmaus (Luke 24:13–35). 


Miriam is represented by the Blythe Daniel Agency

Ahōti – A Story of Tamar

Ravaged by one brother, silenced and betrayed by another and redeemed by a third, Tamar—once beloved daughter of the king of Israel, and healer of the court—suddenly finds herself in exile, fleeing for her life. But in Ahōti, Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and her co-author Eva Marie Everson take Tamar’s story to new heights – with their adaptation of an ancient anonymous manuscript: the heroine’s dangerous journey and tenacious pursuit of her true identity and calling bring her full circle, to her rightful place in the kingdom.